Forest house

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Photo: Stylepark

How cool is this German cabin, from Stylepark via Design Shimmer? This is the architechts who designed it.

From Stylepark:
"Deep in the forest south of Berlin stands a new wooden house by the Leipzig architects Schellenberg und Thaut. Close to a lake with crystal-clear water this is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy nature. There was originally a simple wooden summer house dating from 1926 on the land. Though it looked charming on the outside, the little house was in a desolate state, so much so that there was no question of it being refurbished. The aim behind the architectural concept, however, was to retain the atmosphere, proportions, and simple style of construction of the house, and clearly integrate them in the new weekend house. The house is made of wood and clad with dark-brown varnished pine wood. On the gable side the dark building with a wide front window opens on to the surrounding countryside, and the few other openings in the facade are also surrounded by an extra-wide frame. The light accents also reference the interior, which is covered on all sides with white pine cladding. Through the facade-wide window the beauty of the place can be enjoyed from inside as a framed view of the forest."